Fancy an exchange to Hogwarts?

Have you ever considered going on a teacher exchange? It could be the trip of a lifetime. Right now, we have a lovely exchange available for Eton College in Berkshire, UK. Possibly one of the most famous schools in the UK - it looks straight out of a Harry Potter movie.

How it works

A teacher exchange is the direct swap of your position and your accommodation: You are paid by your home employer; the year away is counted as a year of service; your spouse may work in the UK and be paid in pounds; and you claim heaps on your tax.

You will have the best year of your life!

About the exchange teacher

Our swapping teacher, Kerri, coaches football, squash and tennis and is the Master in Charge of Environmental Education and Sustainability. Kerri is a young but experienced teacher, with excellent references, and lives in a one bedroom furnished apartment on the school grounds. Kerri has a partner who would accompany her on the exchange.

There is a shortage of family accommodation within the college, so it may not be possible for a family to be accommodated elsewhere in the college.

About the school

Eton is a fee paying, academically selective independent school. Eton College was founded by King Henry Vl in 1440 and is a boarding school for boys aged 12 to 18. Its buildings and fields occupy most of the town of Eton.

Eton is an hour from London by train; a beautiful part of England. The IEU assists with your visa/work permits for both you and the exchange partner.

For more information on this exchange, call me on 8202 8900 or 1800 467943. Look up - teacher exchange - download an application and read the great testimonials.

Helen Gregory Exchange Coordinator