Time to teach anyone?

It is hard to believe that it is June already. How time flies. The work of a school teacher has changed over the years. We are constantly being bombarded with extra duties and things that must be completed by a certain time. As well as teach the children in our care, the workload is constantly changing.

Over the past few months we have been setting exams, supervising exams, marking exams, writing reports, completing SALT modules on line, attending staff meetings, professional learning groups, subject meetings and network meetings, data for various things, differentiating assessment tasks and learning modules, updating programs and registers, parent teacher interviews and answering phone calls and now the constant emails.The list goes on. As well as all the extra tasks we are being asked to do, we also have to make time to do what we all love doing – teaching.

As a classroom teacher for many years, I have never worked harder or longer to complete everything that is expected in a day.

Teachers are working harder and longer than ever before. Long gone are the days when teachers started work at 9am and finished at 3pm and enjoyed 10 weeks holiday a year as most people think. More and more first year out teachers are leaving the profession as a result of the expectations and workload. Something must be done and done soon to keep these teachers in the profession. For our sanity we must all learn to say ‘no’ and say it loudly. We must all stand united and support each other in our workplaces. I urge you all to promise yourself that you will have a work free holiday in July and enjoy your time doing things with family and friends.

If you know that there are non members in your school, make a point of having a conversation with them about the benefits and importance of joining our Union. Call a chapter meeting and invite them along. Help them fill in a membership form and sent it in for them.

Changes to superannuation commence on 1 July. Make sure you are aware of these changes or contact your superannuation fund for advice.

Enjoy the remainder of the term and more importantly enjoy your holiday break. Winter is well and truly with us, so rug up and keep warm.

Chris Wilkinson