Teacher accreditation:

Roles and responsibilities

It’s simple really: you, as the teacher, are responsible for your accreditation!

For early career teachers, it’s important that you understand that working towards Proficient accreditation is a process based within your school or service. You should approach the school principal or your early childhood service director and initiate discussions about your accreditation. You and the school or service share a professional relationship necessary to ensure the accreditation process progresses smoothly.

There are a number of people with key roles in the process: you, the teacher; your mentor and/or supervisor; the school principal and the Teacher Accreditation Authority (TAA). In some instances, your principal or service director may also be your supervisor. You need to familiarise yourself with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers so you can collect evidence that demonstrates you are working towards meeting the descriptors.

The NESA website has detailed information about working toward proficient:


For teachers maintaining accreditation at Proficient, you are responsible for discussing your PD needs with your school principal or service director and following up by regularly checking your NESA account to make sure PD has been recorded and validated.

You need to ensure you pay your annual fee and keep your Working With Children Check up to date. Be ready to write your report before the end of the maintenance cycle. It’s important to stay familiar with the Standards and make a note here and there about some successful classroom experiences so you can write your report in a timely manner.

The NESA website also has detailed information about maintaining your accreditation:


The IEU has a dedicated team available for members needing assistance with accreditation. You can email questions or enquiries to accreditation@ieu.asn.au. Members can also access our online registered PD sessions: How NSW Accreditation Works or Maintenance of Accreditation. For further details, including dates for session in Term 2, please visit our IEU website: http://www.ieu.asn.au/event-list

Karen Forbes
Professional Officer