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Rob: I’m a member of the IEU and I work in the Bathurst Diocese. I’m annoyed that my school didn’t get the numbers to support our colleagues. We must stand together, or we face being push overs as always.

Kylie: Sending solidarity

Peter: Compulsory arbitration was brought in by the Labor Party, one of many social and economic reforms brought about by the Labor Party to improve the living standards and quality of life of working people and their families, it removed from our society that horrible blight and disgusting sight of big business starving workers into submission when wages and conditions were on the chopping block, it is one of many of the social and economic reforms the Liberal Party came into being to dismantle, the Liberal Party under Howard achieved this when introducing WorkChoices.

Lyn: So very proud of our members!!!

Vincent: Well done Upper Hunter IEU members.

Therese: It is good to see so many women. Well done girls.

Michael: With falling standards of living I don’t blame them for becoming disillusioned with pay rises between 1-2% and worsening conditions.

Shelley: I dream an enterprise agreement that is agreed upon and signed by both parties by the due date.

Pamela: Without unions Australia would have third world conditions but so many who grew up benefiting from them are now voting LNP because of union membership decline because of a few rogues. Workers conditions have deteriorated so our youth have trouble getting anything like a permanent job.

Robert: All teachers deserve good conditions. We are looking after the next generation.