It has been a very big year! This final edition of IE for 2020 explores some of the big challenges we face as educators as well as celebrating our successes.

IE articles continue to provide readers with important updates on education innovation, resources and reviews, as well as legal advice. A number of articles in this edition also highlight ongoing efforts to improve equity and inclusion, and in combating disadvantage.

In the face of a Federal Government doubling the cost of humanities degrees, Mary Jo Capps AM explores the many benefits of studying the arts.

One of the themes we continue to highlight is the worrying deterioration in mental health of children and young people, not only here in Australia but globally. As with most challenges however, the more we understand them, their causes and expression, the better we are at finding solutions. Despite the clear link between mental health issues and poor educational outcomes, Australian schools aren’t well resourced to provide specialist mental health and counseling professionals among school staff. High quality professional development for teachers and support staff in this area should also be resourced.

This edition of IE features a new study led by Dr Melanie Baak of the University of South Australia that gives readers a detailed insight into the mental health issues of refugee children. Dr Baak finds young people from refugee backgrounds are at greater risk of mental health issues, particularly stemming from past trauma. She looks at how schools can build strategies that include families.

We also look at recent studies on increased anxiety in students, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Debra James