Are your details up to date?

It’s hard to believe we’re starting Term 2 in what looks to be a busy year industrially, especially for our members in the Catholic sector.

To all our renewing members thank you for staying with us and a warm welcome goes to the 1354 members who have joined us since the beginning of the year.

A big thank you to chapter representatives who returned their membership updates. It is vital that we hold current data for our members to allow us to communicate regarding union activities and campaign information.

All members should be able to utilise the full range of union benefits, including the right to participate in protected industrial action.

IEU electoral roll criteria must be current, this includes workplace information. If you are unsure if you are attached to the correct chapter, please contact us direct at

Please include your membership number. If you don’t know it, include full name, date of birth and workplace.

We keep members up to date via email, text, and our website. If you have not been receiving correspondence from us, please make sure your contact details are up to date.

If your circumstances have changed, or if you are unsure of your membership status or the contact details we hold for you, please contact us by phone (8202 8900 – press 1) or via email:

We extend our very best wishes for the term ahead.