IEU pushes to progress Sydney Adventist Teachers’ Enterprise Agreement

During the Greater Sydney Adventist Schools’ Enterprise Agreement negotiations in 2021, the IEU welcomed the active input of members via chapter meetings and Zoom gatherings.

Greater Sydney Adventist teachers indicated to the IEU they were not happy with the employer’s offer of 2.25% annual increases over four years from 2022 to 2025 and the rejection of several other working conditions claims.

Of particular concern was the low pay rise offer over four years and the failure to move to the standards model pay structure as in other sectors, the limited improvement to leave entitlements, and the lack of recognition of a range of workload and wellbeing concerns.

Ultimately, there was a ‘no’ vote for the EA and the IEU has sought further discussions with the Greater Sydney Adventist Conference to advance EA negotiations.

The IEU thanks reps and members in Sydney Adventist schools for their ongoing engagement and activism during the EA negotiations and looks forward to working with them to achieve an EA which protects and enhances their remuneration and employment conditions.