Fresh faces swell the ranks

When I first thought about joining council I decided I was too busy, then I thought that is precisely the reason why I should go.

IEU Council swelled significantly at the June meeting with 20 fresh faces joining the ranks. Many were graduates of the IEU’s Activist Conference. Held every April, this conference is proving to be an effective recruitment tool for the Union.

One of the Activist Conference graduates Ellie McAdams (centre), a Kindergarten teacher at Holy Family Primary School, Menai, is now Southern Suburbs Branch delegate.

“I am very passionate about rights, wellbeing and optimal conditions for teachers, so that we can do our jobs to the best of our ability and be supported by our employer,” Ellie said.

Her first Council meeting was ”full on” with lots of content to digest, she said.

“It’s given me a better perspective on what else I could be doing at school and affirming that a couple of things I’m already doing are good.”

History, Studies of Religion and Geography teacher Kate Millan of Trinity Anglican College, Thurgoona has been an IEU member for 30 years but has only recent decided to get more involved.

The IEU had assisted her with some issues recently and she felt it was time to act now she was in the latter part of her career.

“I’ve always been a stickler for the rules and things being fair. I want to make things better for people at the grassroots level, who may not always get recognition,” Kate said.

“Since the Union came to my aid I’ve been learning more about what they do and why it’s important.

“Coming to Council is an education for me and it gives me a chance to get to know more people and network.

“I can go back to my school and share what I’ve learnt with them.”

Carmelo Fedele, HSIE teacher at International Grammar School at Ultimo, wanted to get involved with the Union but his school had a great rep already.

Instead he became Central Metropolitan Branch delegate.

“When I first thought about joining Council I decided I was too busy, then I thought that is precisely the reason why I should go.

“Workload issues were a big topic of discussion today. It’s been wonderful meeting colleagues from all over NSW and the ACT.

“As well as getting to hear about more issues in our region, it’s great to have an opportunity to hear from people farther afield, like today’s group from the Solomon Islands.

“It gives me topics of conversation to share with colleagues, and a positive way of starting a discussion about the Union in general.”